Pinay: The role of sex in a relationship?

Pinay: The role of sex in a relationship?

A lot of things are necessary in a relationship. Trust, commitment and honesty are the basic foundation of a relationship. Then comes S*X..

Somehow, sexual compatibility is important in a relationship, particularly in married couples though on rare occasion we find a couple happily married without any S*X whatsoever. But in most cases, the quality of S*X is one determinant factor in gauging the quality of a relationship.

When a couple’s sexual relationship begins to suffer or thriving, so as the relationship… (as per my dialogue with some of them)

In my own point of view, if you really plan to stay together for a long period of time, then, both of you should be open to sexual ideas. The reason for this is that, as you go along through life, S*X will become routinary and boring. (Yikes!..) This will in turn make you look sideways and notice that there are AFTERALL better experiences out there (even when you are already sure that you have found the best mate in the world) – this is called “just being human.”

Besides, there’s a lot of joy and excitement in discovering new sexual ideas (just make sure to talk it out with your mate before actually doing it as some (if not most) of these practices not commonly done are quite shocking. One good example? rimming!

Oh, and, there’s no such thing as sexual compatibility. There’s a lot of hardwork, experimentation, considerations and compromise to achieve a near perfect sexual relationship. Sex lives can’t possibly be perfect. Even to sexiest people out there.

Is sexual compatibility necessary in a relationship? What say you?