Being a parent is not that easy as it seems. Lots of things to be prepared and not only baby’s things but of course self preparation to become a responsible parent. Having the courage to know what is good and not good for the baby and how to deal with the child upbringing. The ways that you think is right for the child may not be right for other parents. Well in this case, a parent must go with his/her instincts, be more loving and caring parents for their child.

I am pregnant right now for the second time and what a joy to have my baby soon with me. That’s right “Baby is coming very soon..” and with all those laughter’s and tears that you can’t imagine having around a little angel in your arms is what I am so excited to feel again, same as having my daughter last time. They are both my greatest gifts in life and I am so inspired and can’t ask for more than having them beside with me.

My hubby and I went back to our hometown. We bought baby’s things like baby bottles, clothing and important stuffs for our little angel soon. We make sure that necessary items are prepared before my delivery and we always hope for a healthy little girl soon.

Things to prepare when baby is coming

Things to prepare when baby is coming

Although we’re both excited as parents but we can’t help sometimes to worry about how to take care and manage our busy schedules at work with the baby around. Even now we already did have a little chat of how to divide our time spent for the baby especially at night. We know that there will be times that sacrifices must have to be deal fairly between us when it comes to baby’s responsibilities of nursing and staying late at night whenever our little baby needs us.

Time is so fast and soon enough we are going to welcome our little baby and we just pray and hope that everything goes well for my delivery. Can’t wait to see her and hug her so tight. A moment like this gives joy to me and my hubby and no material things and persons can ever replace that happiness.