In my own opinion, the best and most wonderful valentine’s gift for 2010 that you could give to your GF would be your sincere love to him/her. However, sometimes, you really need to give some material things in order to create a memorable moments in your life.

Top 5 Valentines Gift for 2010

1. Flowers. I bet every women really aspire to receive a bunch of flowers during Valentines Day. I once happened to give a flowers to my GF and she was really (really!) happy. I gave those flowers when I arrived at her house (we’re about to have a dinner outside) and she keep on insisting to bring the flowers with her in our dinner, lol. At that point, I realized how happy a women if someone will gave them flowers. Kilig to the max!

Valentines Gift 2010 - Flowers

Valentines Gift 2010 – Flowers

2. A Self-made Album or Picture Collage. Yep, this will make your GF’s heart melt. Try this and you’ll see..

Valentines Gift 2010 - Personally Made Gift

Valentines Gift 2010 – Personally Made Gift

3. A Jewelry. Could be an engagement ring or necklace. This is actually #1 on my lists but this kind of gift is a bit expensive.

Valentines Gift 2010 - Engagement Ring

Valentines Gift 2010 – Engagement Ring

4. A Sincere Letter. Though it seems so common and usual but this kind of gift will deeply touch the woman’s heart. My GF will really cry everytime I sent her a letter… I don’t want her to cry so I stopped giving her a letter nowadays. hehe…

Valentines Gift 2010 - Sincere Letter

Valentines Gift 2010 – Sincere Letter

5. Perfume or Ladies Bags. All women really like perfumes & bags and this kind of gifts are mostly appreciated. When I travel abroad, my GF keeps on requesting to bring her a perfume or ladies bags. I always happen to get an awkward feeling when buying these kinds of gifts at a boutique. Errrr..

Valentines Gift 2010 - Perfume

Valentines Gift 2010 – Perfume

Valentine’s gifts for 2010 may vary from one person to another but what’s more important is to be loyal, respect and love your partner sincerely.