A different celebration in a year, but it’s always been a very special celebration of hearts during Valentine’s Day. People around the globe are having the best time of giving gifts to their love ones. Lots of presents received from persons so beloved to our life.

Have we ever think of what’s the real meaning of Valentine’s Day?..  Is it just only giving gifts to the persons we already loved and know since we are young?… Isn’t it a celebration also of giving gifts to those needy people whom we don’t even know and needs love and care?.. Have you ever wonder what it is for you to feel the spirit of Valentine’s Day?

Well, just like me I ever think of one thing and that is to be ready to give chocolates and some very nice item I bought from the shops and gave it to my family and friends..especially to my special friend..hmmmm for sure that’s what most of us are preparing to celebrate a special event such as Valentine’s Day. Even here in Singapore, they usually went out for an expensive dinner with friends, family or someone special to them just to spend time with them and show them how much they truly have special place in our hearts.

Celebrating Valentines Day 2011 in Singapore

Celebrating Valentines Day 2011 in Singapore

But is this the kind of celebration that we should do every time special occasion like this comes? .. I was actually thinking of a different approach of how to celebrate this coming Valentine’s Day. Of course family, friends and special persons will always be special to me, but what I have in mind is a world peace, love and care for humanity. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with the needy people, children at the streets and orphanage with no family to look back and be with for this special day of hearts. Why not we share with them the blessings and gifts that we have so they may able to feel what’s the importance of Valentine’s Day and have some people who cares and love them even just a simple little ways that comes from our hearts. They need more the spirit of Valentine’s Day than Us. They are the very meaning of Valentine’s Day, share and love those who need it most.

I realized that I am thankful enough to have a family, friends and love ones so dear to me to be with and celebrate this special day of hearts.