Pinay Wedding: Church or Cvil?

Pinay Wedding: Church or Cvil?

Well I think a church wedding is more important, since we are a catholic country, so we have to abide by our religious rights. But nowadays, we have to be practical, we all know that to have a wedding would cost a great amount of money, so people settle for the civil weddings,which is also ok. But then after a few months or years,they should ask for God’s blessing,and have a church wedding.

Although civil wedding is really practical, I would still love to walk down the aisle. Watching your parents in their best outfit and all your relatives and friends beaming with excitement for your marriage exceed no monetary value.

But of course, it always depends upon the situation where you’re at. In my friends case… it was a bit of a rush for them because his husband had only two days left of his vacation and after they got all the paperworks done, they didn’t have time to plan for a church wedding. So, they got married infront of the judge and signed the marriage contract  that made them officially husband and wife. Wink 🙂

However , they still renewed their vows in the church for the blessings when his husband came back, so I would say that civil is as important as the church wedding.

What about you? Would you prefer Church wedding or Civil Wedding?