Living in Singapore

Living in Singapore

Most of us wanted to have a nice and very safe place to live. Of course, a country to consider and the environment that we need to adjust are the most important factors that we have to prioritize.

In my own opinion, one of the reasons why most people wanted to go other places is to find their security of living and safety of the place that they can enjoy their life with their family.

With regards to this reasons, I am a foreigner living here in Singapore. My family and work has given me the reasons why I need to live here, and keep on trying to contribute my talent to this country and been working very hard to support my family. Even until now I am still wondering what Singapore can offer me.

Keep on wondering until such time that it knocks to my head that it is indeed a very good opportunity for me to work and live here in Singapore. The country has given me a chance to live peacefully with no worries at night for burglars or robbers. No worries at all whenever I wanted to go out for a late dinner, go shopping and be with friends to have fun at the club. Some friends and colleagues who has been in Singapore working and living here for long time even tells me that Singapore was just the right and safest place to be with family and friends.

But of course even with all of these good comments from them I still have the last words to say what I have been experiencing living in this country. So far according to my observation, with regards to surroundings it is safe and not polluted. The transportations is very efficient and all we need to contribute to enjoy our stay in this country is to be productive in different ways like engaging oneself to support community services for the goodness of all.

Living in Singapore is not as easy as it seems as to my own perception. I need to work hard to earn a living. Need to pay bills like house rental, mobile plan and some other necessities for every day survival. The cost of living is quite high and need good income to survive as to my realization.

Overall point of view, I can say that living in Singapore is not as bad as long as you know how to work hard for a living and the place is safe for me as foreigner of this country.