Annulment in philippines

Annulment in Philippines

Why does it have to be one of my friends? Sorry for the rant but another friend of mine needs help with her annulment. She’s been mistreated by her ex-husband physically, mentally, and emotionally, even when they are not living together anymore. She wants to seek annulment, but she doesn’t really have huge funds for it. Can someone advise me on the following?

I already told her that annulment in the Philippines really requires a huge fund and the entire annulment process may cost her at least Seventy Thousand Pesos (PhP70,000). I don’t know where and how she would come up with that much money, especially, his irresponsible ex-husband doesn’t even give any support to her daughter. But I did tell her that if you have limited resources, you could file the petition as a pauper litigant (for filing fees) and seek free legal aid like Public Attorney Office.

However, most of the people I’ve talked who was successfully annulled in Philippines mentioned that it will really cost you more or less Php200,000. This package already includes; docket fee, attorney’s fee,   Psychological Evaluation/Report & Clinical Psychologist’s, appearance in Court, Stenographic notes, and other necessary fees or expenses just to obtain favorable result or decision. Obtain favorable result? Does that mean you’ll pay the judge?

By the way, for those who wanted to file for annulment here in the Philippines, here are the initial requirements;

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Children’s birth certificates if any, both from the NSO.
  3. Marital history which shall be used as basis in the petition and which shall also be required by the clinical psychologist during the test or evaluation.

For those who’ve experienced with the whole annulment process, does it really take at least 1 year before the decision?  Geez..