First of all, I am not affiliated with any of these establishments and I am not getting any sales commissions here but after trying Alberto’s inexpensive pizza, I think it’s time to make a savour taste review.

Alberto’s Pizza Chicken Garlic Quickmelt Cheese

Alberto's Pizza Toppings

Alberto’s Pizza Toppings

I originally tasted the 11″ Chicken Garlic Quickmelt Cheese Pizza from Alberto’s Main branch in B.Rodriguez St. which is in front of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Cebu. Definitely a very delicious pizza – 4 out of 5 in terms of taste and 5 out of 5 when it comes to pricing. It’s funny to think that it took us 30 mins. just to find their restaurant. The place was so ordinary that it creates an impression like a cheap carenderia.

Alberto’s Pizza Delivery Service

I don’t know if I am the only one who observed about this but it seems to me that Alberto’s Pizza delivery service is a lot more faster than eating inside their restaurant itself. Notice that if you call for a delivery it will only take 30 mins whereas if you dine inside, you’ll have to wait around 40 minutes for a single order. sigh*

A few weeks ago, we happen to see a full-size streamer for the opening of Alberto’s new branch in lapu-lapu city. So, we drop by and order our favorite Chicken Garlic and Hawaiian Pizza. Everything was exactly the same from the menu, flavor, taste and price until we notice that the this branch has a different type of Box. Instead of the familiar white box from Alberto’s, this one has a brown better-looking quality package with Alberto Biano Homemade Pizza logo on it. Obviously, that wasn’t one of the Alberto’s branch.

Alberto's Pizza

Alberto’s Pizza Branch

At first, I thought that it’s just some copy-cat business branch trying to get the juice of the booming Alberto’s name. But I was puzzled how they were able to get the same taste and flavor of the pizza? Out of curiousity, I inquired to some of my collegues if they also happen to hear about Alberto Biano and so I learned from gossip to gossip that they were indeed business partners before that ended up a sour relationship. These were the rumors.

If you would like to call for a delivery, here’s some of Alberto’s Branch addresses and telephone numbers. Sad to say, I don’t have any copy of Alberto Biano’s branches.

  1. Alberto’s Pizza Main Branch, Cebu
    Alberto's Pizza Price List

    Alberto’s Pizza Price List

    B. Rodriguez St. (fronting VSMMC)
    Tel # 583-1110 / 347-7308 / 09233753516

  2. Alberto’s Pizza A.S.Fortuna Branch, Cebu
    Across TELETECH
    Tel # 518-2868 / 09228899920
  3. Alberto’s Pizza Fronting USC Main Branch, Cebu
    J.T. Montesclaros Bldg. 3
    Tel # 581-1727 / 582-7434
  4. Alberto’s Pizza Colon Street Branch, Cebu
    Fronting UC main – Colon Entrance
    Tel # 581-7534 / 347-7308 / 09232303447
  5. Alberto’s Pizza Velez Branch, Cebu
    M.Velez St.
    Tel # 518-2020 / 09228295005
  6. Alberto’s Pizza Paseo Branch, Cebu
    Paseo, Phase 1, Mabolo
    Tel # 231-4628 / 09228228497
  7. Alberto’s Pizza Talisay Branch, Cebu
    San Isidro Talisay
    Tel # 272-8650 / 09225991920
  8. Alberto’s Pizza Lapu-lapu City Branch, Cebu
    Pusok (Near City hall)
    Tel # 341-6176 / 09223631703

Alberto’s Pizza or Alberto Biano Homemade Pizza? Who is the original? I don’t know, I just love the pizza… wink 😉

Alberto’s Pizza Main Branch, Cebu
B. Rodriguez St. (fronting VSMMC)
Tel # 583-1110 / 347-7308 / 09233753516