Am I the only one here who likes HOT Pinay Mom? Or am I just crazy?

Honestly.. I do prefer HOT Mom compared to those single ladies. hehe.. And I am not sure if this is somewhat kind of a personality disorder but I really can’t help myself out falling for hottie pinay mama.

A few people I asked about “why guys like hot mom more than a single ladies ” answered they find it difficult to understand why men love or likes hot mom. Sure they may find vulnerable when it comes to those *ahem* stuff but are these “s3x” thing is what guys only after of? sigh..

Well, If I were to be asked.. I like Hot Pinay Mom because they tend understand and has more patience compared to single ladies. The care a lot and loves you a lot. When it comes to bed, you wouldn’t have to teach them what to do (NO!.. ew..ew..) and obviously, they’re really expert in satisfying you. Not to mention the thrills and excitement when you’re seeing each other (haha.. lagot pag nakita sa husband).

This is why guys like hot pinay single moms.. hehe

This is why guys like hot pinay single moms.. hehe

But NO I am not in favor in destroying a family just for the sake of lust. I am talking here about Single HOT Pinay Moms.

How about you? Why do you think Pinoy likes Pinay Hot Moms?

Would you dare to have a relationship to a single mother?