There is an old saying that;

“Even the greatest hero cannot resist the heavenly beauty”

It is very true. However, there is always 2 side to view this…If a man goes to someplace whether for business or to work and spend most of the time there, then the temptation that surrounds become higher and higher the longer he stays… After all, sexual urges cannot be denied.

Filipino Men Secret Affair Kabit

However, for a  Filipino Man to keep a mistress, then there must be more to it than simply a sexual urge. He must also be having an emotional problem or stress from being away from his family. If he has a healthy family relationship, then this should not happen. If he feels lonely and wants someone to talk to and cannot find one, then this issue of having an affair will arise.

When one finds that the mistress have taken over the roles of companion, then the next natural step is a divorce… Therefore, it is essential that although you maybe miles away from your love ones, you maintain the communication and share in the daily happening in your family. Otherwise it will become simply a matter of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, remember that males in general are less sentimental than females, which gave rise to another saying,

“If you cannot be with the one you love, love the one you are with”

With today’s communication thru the web, video conferencing that’s very cheap, why can’t couple just make time for it?

Unfortunately, some wives also tend to forget that their husbands has needs as well and tend to forget about them and let him be on his own and just look after the kids, then the role of the father or husband will just be the one of putting food on the table.

When this happens, ask yourself, “What is the difference between you and the ‘heavenly beauty'”?…