I used to love my PLDT DSL connection but now it keeps on disconnecting. At first, I thought my laptop was infected by some virus that will intermittently disable your ethernet/LAN connection. So, I did an in-depth full scan on my computer using NOD32 and Windows Defender but  nothing malicious was found.

Does anyone experience this PLDT disconnection lately? 2 days ago, I had a smooth connection and I can play DOTA all day without any disconnection or lag. Tried to reset / Power cycle (ON-OFF) my modem and reset/renew my IP address but nothing seems to solve the problem.

The problem with my PLDT is that, it’s unnoticeable when you’re just surfing the web but is clearly evident if you play online and/or using yahoo messenger. Oh well, I think it’s better to call PLDT technical support and let them resolve the issue. If it still keeps on disconnecting, I’ll demand for a rebate (done this already – gives me a 1 month free of charge)… hehe..