Windows 8

Windows 8

I would say Windows 8 is vividly amazing and I guess will be the future operating system. Why? Obviously, Microsoft have already predicted the fast-pace, low-cost and now widely accepted touch-screen technology from smartphones, machine interface, and now smart-TV’s. It is clear enough that they expanding out not only to Personal Computer Operating System but to all-in-one OS that will have the ability to communicate each other. Isn’t this what Apple is doing? 😀

Microsoft Windows 8 feature is not really a total new innovation at all. In fact, this kind of technology already exist in our everyday life – in our smartphones. The “slide to open” features, metro ui, windows 8 cloud connection, windows store, and apps (applications) were already in use for quite some time. In my opinion, Windows 8 is basically just an upgrade to my smartphone Windows OS7. Hehe..

One thing for sure, Windows 8 was specifically built for on touch-enabled PCs. If you don’t the have a touch-screen monitor,  then I suggest you stay in Windows 7. Anyway, for those who want to try Windows 8, you may download the consumer preview or the developer version for FREE. Check links below

Windows 8 Consumer Preview:

Windows 8 ISO Images:

Windows Server 8 beta:

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business (PDF):

Windows Server 8 beta evaluation guide (PDF):

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Remote Administration Tools:

Assessment and Deployment Toolkit for Windows 8 Consumer Preview: