In this post, I would like to share my solution to the problem I encountered when Uploading a File using the Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin. The most common mistakes for people using this Contact Form 7 Plugin is that when you added/loaded a file to upload on your contact form and then send it,  you’ll just get the file name in the email but no actual file.

Contact Form-7 Missing Upload File

It looks like the File Upload Feature of the Contact Form 7 Plugin is not working but actually, it is working just fine. The tricky part is,  You placed the generated code tag to the wrong area, LOL.

Well, I cannot blame you for this common error because the instruction was “put this code into the File Attachments field below” and unknowingly, we will just repeat what we did to other codes, like the message body code, and paste it directly below it. But what the author really meant was to place the code to the “File Attachment Field” which is located in LOWER LEFT Corner of the Box.

Contact Form-7 Missing Upload File

Problem #2: I completely follow the instruction above but still I am unable to receive the Uploaded File to my email.

Solution#2: On your Mail Settings “To:” Field, you need to use the host email address. You cannot use your gmail or yahoo account  directly unless you want to hassle yourself with SMTP settings. The easiest way is to create an email using your host domain (ex. and use the email forwarder feature to forward all the emails directly to your gmail/yahoo account.

Contact Form 7 Missing Upload File

Contact Form 7 Email Forwarder

That’s it! I hope this help a little to those who’ve encountered issues on Upload File Feature of Contact Form 7 Plugin in WordPress. Let me know if you still got a a problem. Enjoy!