How is it working in Teradyne Cebu?

Teradyne Philippines Ltd.

Teradyne Cebu Philippines

If you’re from Cebu and a graduate of Electronics Engineering Course, then, you’d probably hear about TERADYNE PHILIPPINES LTD. A US based company that supplies Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for the Semiconductor business worldwide.  These testers are used to test and classify the individual devices (“dies”) on a completed semiconductor wafer and then used again to retest the parts once they are enclosed in their final packaging.

However in Teradyne Cebu Division, it primarily focuses on Services. The nature of our work is to repair electronic circuit boards from Teradyne Systems itself. These are not ordinary electronic consumer products which we can buy anytime and anywhere – I just wanted to clarify because a lot of people asked me what kind of electronic repair we specifically do. And most often, we even got the impression that Teradyne is a drug manufacturer (Betadyne? – rofl).

Anyway, let’s get back to our topic.
How is it really working in Teradyne Phils. Cebu Division?

Disclaimer:  This is just my story. So, it doesn’t mean that if I hate, dislike or love the company, that’s what you’re going to experience also.  No one really knows!

In my own credence, I considered it one of the best companies in Mactan Export Processing Zone (MEPZ). In fact, it belongs to the top 10 Companies in terms of benefit and salaries (Sorry guys I cannot provide specific details about this – confidential raw!). Still, I want to give some insights about our benefits (just don’t let our HR know about this.. hehe)

Why did I say one of the best?

Because this is what my emotion told me based on my previous career in Timex, NEC (currently Celestica), SATURN Electronics and Taiyo Yuden. I am not saying those are terrible companies but it just doesn’t go with my expectations on them.

Who doesn’t like internet and friendster & facebook?

It’s probably one of the reasons why I’d like to work in TER. Not for the internet access and friendster but the freedom they gave to us. And take note, I am not even a high official ranking in the company. Though, I think too that “internet” is a MUST access because we often research the characteristic and functionality of the component from time to time. It’s just a matter of how responsible you are towards your work.

Stock Options?,  Health Care?, Meal Subsidy?, Profit sharing?, Pension?, Opportunity of training abroad?

You name it! And we got it! (hahaha…)

How about the salary in Teradyne?

I knew this would come… This is what all really matters to most of us anyway. But again, I am really sorry I cannot provide specific details but let me quote you this “working in Teradyne as a Board Repair Specialist aka “Test Technician” would probably has a higher salary compared as an Engineer working in a Japanese Firm in MEPZ or even to some American Firm”.  Although, it is just a case to case basis only. Go ahead, figure it out.

I heard technicians are constantly leaving the company?

A few people also left TER because of their position.  What I mean is that, you’re an Electronics Engineering graduate (LICENSED) and yet you worked as an Electronics Technician? – Guess what? I am too.  But what’s more important for me is that I am happy and comfortable with it, as I speak. Remember: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Believe me guys, I was once like you 2 years ago but as I learnt to accept things gradually, I also gain Happiness regularly. Stop comparing yourself with others because it will never come to an end and you’ll never run-out of people to compare with.

How about the work environment in Teradyne? 

Teradyne Phils Ltd. Cebu Mepz 2

Teradyne Cebu Philippines

It’s for you to find out and decide for yourself. These are our Company Core Values: Honesty & Integrity, Company without doors, and Total Customer Satisfaction. Alright, I’ll give you a few ideas.

We don’t say “Ma’am/Sir” when talking to your boss even to CEO.
Freedom of Speech.
We are very strict in dealing transactions that will probably cause conflict of interest in the future.
Anytime going to cafeteria (just limit yourself from staying for a longer period of time)
Politics? It’s a broad topic actually but again you’ll NEVER find a Perfect Management.
Etc.. etc..

How about exams?

My advice, study hard. And when I say “HARD”, I mean everything! If you can’t, then focus yourself mastering Basic Electronics 1 to 3.

This is all I can say about TERADYNE PHILS Ltd. CEBU DIVISION. I am stopping now because I sound like a very pro-management guy here and I now feel that I am not making anymore sense here. Hahaha..

Good Luck guys!