Xoom Philippines Scam?

A week ago, a friend from DUBAI wanted to send money to someone in the Philippines. He was very skeptical in using XOOM Online Services because it was a very large amount. But then, the money was needed right away for the operation of his mother. He didn’t have PAYPAL and they don’t have time to open a bank account in the Philippines. In short, he was left with no choice but to use XOOM Global Money Transfer.

Xoom Philippines Scam

Xoom Online Payment

He admitted that his judgment during that time was blurred and he wasn’t thinking about SCAMS about XOOM or whatever Online Scams out there. Anyway, he did, without delay, fund the money transfer using his credit card. Below is the snapshot during his transaction.

By the way, the beneficiaries can receive money through Bank deposit to Any Bank (Partner banks receive the money more quickly within a few hours), cash pickup or home delivery.

Xoom Bank Deposit

Xoom users can send money to ANY bank account in US dollars or Philippine Pesos, usually within the same banking day sent. Deposits are even faster with partners banks BPI, Equitable PCI (now acquired by BDO) and Metrobank.

Xoom Philippines Cash Pickup

Xoom.com is convenient for OFWs who are Internet connected but whose relatives still rely on traditional means of receiving remittances (door to door or cash pickup).

This is good considering that Xoom has developed their network of 1,800+ pick-up locations including 400 BDO-EPCI branches, 280 BDO On-Site branches, SM Forex counters at 30 SM Malls, 1136 Cebuana Lhuillier locations and 60 One Network Bank branches. The network is not (yet) as big as the Western Union network, but it is rather wide.

Xoom Home Delivery

Home Delivery to Metro Manila is 1~2 days from the time the remittance is sent. Or, 2~3 days to provinces outside of Metro Manila. Delivery is done through Express Padala – a subsidiary of BDO-EPCI.

In his case, he opt to send it thru Cash Pick-up…

After a few hours of waiting, his relatives went to directly to one of the branches of Cebuana LHuiller to collect the payment sent but was totally bolt from the blue when the Cashier told them that they cannot process the said transaction and even told them that they got an incorrect XOOM Tracking Number! They were all nervous and were more anxious when they heard about XOOM SCAM in the Philippines.

This can’t be! – His father shouted.

His father called my friend in DUBAI and validated the XOOM Tracking Number he gave. Everything was accurate based on the email sent by XOOM after the Funding his Transfer.

What else could have gone wrong? asked his suspicious father to Cashier.

At that moment, the cashier from Cebuana Lhuiller verifies again the said XOOM Tracking Number and realized it was really a valid number and it was just a new-fangled series of XOOM tracking digits.

Yet, they still didn’t get the money from that Cebuana Lhuiller branch because they don’t have adequate cash as of that moment. Good thing XOOM Global Money Transfer is in partner with BDO-EPCI Branches where there is a boundless fund, I guess.

To cut a long story short, XOOM Money Transfer in the Philippines is NOT a SCAM. Just try to pick-up your payment directly in banks if it involves large denomination.

At present, my friend is blissful that his Mother undergone a successful surgery and now regularly sent money thru XOOM Philippines. Send money now!